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Cycle with double trailer from Blackwater Village to Ballyconnigar

The views of Bollyngar, Ireland

A lovely sunny day down the south-east, highest temp hit 15C around 3 pm.

So we set out just before lunchtime with our picnic packed and ready to be devoured. We arrived in the picturesque Blackwater Village and parked up the car outside Etchinghams pub across from the Blackwater Hotel. I readied the bike and trailer for the two little ladies and as soon as we were packed up we headed up the hill towards Ballyconnigar strand.

Blackwater Village was a hive of activity, there were lots of people sitting outside the cafe and pub enjoying the lunchtime sun. As usual, the girls in the trailer received a bit of attention and were happy to reciprocate with big smiles and waves.

The hill in Blackwater is quite steep so a low gear is advised, especially if you are pulling a trailer. At the top of the hill, there is a T junction clearly signposted for Ballyconnigar strand.

The road down to the strand is full of lovely views across the small valley that Blackwater is situated. The best views coming as you approach the hill down to the strand.

The hill down to the strand has a good incline so make sure you know where your brakes are! It also makes for a tough cycle back up, so be sure to get a rest at the bottom.

At the bottom of the hill, there is a car-park right on the waterfront. The ground is rough and there are a lot of potholes here. There are toilet facilities on the left side of the car park. From here you will see a small shingle and sand beach with the Blackwater river flowing to the sea.

This beach is a popular destination for local fisherman but mainly for night fishing. The species fished here are mostly flat fish like Plaice, Dab. Occasionally you will hear of a nice size Bass 7-8lb and on more than one occasion I have caught smoothhound or dogfish here.

It is possible to cycle the length from Ballyconnigar to Curracloe Beach but only at low tide. At high tide, it is easily walked.


Difficulty: Easy-Medium, With 2 in trailer: Medium to Hard
Road condition: Fair
Scenery: Excellent

Blackwater: Shop’s, petrol station, ATM (in the Spar shop), pubs, Hotel, playground (on Enniscorthy Rd)
Ballyconnigar: Public toilets

Overall: A nice short spin. Round trip with a stopover shouldn’t take over 2 hours.